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Albert adria london

This was founded by ferran adria’s brother Albert. He too worked at the world renowned El bulli, as well as founding a restaurant upholding these high standards within a  London restaurant. This restaurant can be seen very near Piccadilly circus, and it is named Cakes & Bubbles. 

Cakes and bubbles

This dessert restaurant london is a fabulous array of desserts and sweet treats served to the highest standards. The cakes and bubbles golden egg is iconic and a display of how the standards of el bulli were world known. You can find many amazing cakes and bubbles reviews, as well as the amazing pics on the cakes and bubbles instagram.

albert adria restaurants

Among this London restaurant, Adria has also put his name to other restaurants worldwide. Take for example El Barri. albert adria restaurants uk, This is for example the city’s answer to El Bulli. Situated in Barcelona. Originally starting out as one restaurant; this has now become a collective of restaurants. The elBarri restaurants group is very well known in Barcelona and further afield. It owns many Michelin stars between the restaurants. 

Bodega 1900

This is an old style vermouth bar in Barcelona. With the prep and cooking done for the onlookers to see this is definitely an impressive and memorable place to go if you are looking for an instagrammable place to go. This restaurant also serves traditional style spanish tapas. 

Bodega 1900 menu

Here you can find a beautiful selection of vermouths, confits and pickles. You will also find small toast and baguette options, as well as your usual tapas options such as olives. 

bodega 1900 food
bodega 1900 food

They also serve preserved stews, sausages and salted meats. The idea is taking you back to 1900. 

Bodega 1900 Michelin

The bodega 1900 has not yet earned a michelin star, because this is more of a tapas bar than a fine dining restaurant. However you will still find an amazing bodega 1900 barcelona review. Bodega 1900 reservations can be made on the website. 

Tickets restaurant

Tickets Barcelona is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. It is very much a fine dining experience. It has also earned one Michelin star. Tickets Barcelona Michelin stars are quite difficult to get. To earn a Michelin star you need to be the best of the best.This is molecular gastronomy at its finest. You can find some images on the tickets Barcelona Instagram. Albert adria Tickets is one of his best restaurants. 

tickets barcelona
tickets barcelona

bodega 1900 vs tickets

Many people try and compare these restaurants. The truth is, the two are complete. If you wish to compare them on merit – tickets are naturally better than its competitor. But Bodega 1900 is much more of a relaxed vibe, and a bar atmosphere whereas tickets is a fine dining experience. Which is also more expensive because of its ranking. 


Enigma Barcelona

Albert adria barcelona restaurants have elevated Barcelona’s fine dining scene. This elbarri group of restaurants are all fairly near each other and have made the area in which they are in a renowned restaurant district. Enigma barcelona michelin stars are not to be overlooked. This is the second restaurant to get a michelin star in the Elbarri group. 

Enigma Barcelona review.

This is a molecular gastronomy deconstruction restaurant, so some of the enigma barcelona reviews may be critical about this, but the majority of the reviews are shining. Some of the experiences are over 30 courses, so you will need to leave time to fully appreciate. SOme of the reviews state out of this world experiences and paired wine. The enigma barcelona menu is curated to the microscopic level with all organic ingredients. 

Enigma Barcelona price

The price of enigma could set you back around 420 euro, but it is very worth the unforgettable experience.

How to get a reservation at enigma Barcelona

This can be difficult, as it is in such high demand. I recommend keeping up with their social media, and website to see when things are available. 

Tickets or Enigma Barcelona

Tickets are more of a ‘traditional’ molecular gastronomical affair. If that isn’t too much of a juxtaposition… Enigma does what the name suggests. It is much more of an experience. It really depends on personal taste, as well as budget. But both are not to be forgotten. 

Albert Adria recipes

You will find more of these recipes in Pakta barcelona, as well as albert adria cheesecake.

albert adria
albert adria

Albert adria restaurants prices can be on the expensive site, but Pakta in barcelona is not to be missed. This is a peruvian japanese restaurant. As well as this there is also hoja santa which again is a fine dining restaurant, this time in the mexican style. 

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