Top 5 Examples of Catalan Gothic Architecture

Top 5 Examples of Catalan Gothic Architecture

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Catalan Gothic is a certain architectural style. As the name suggests it particularly is only present in the Catalonia area that is to the north of Spain. It reached its peak in the 15th century. After this point, the kingdom of Catalonia and its trade network through Barcelona actually suffered slightly and the style went out of fashion, which is fairly significant. This is because of the discovery of the Americas, and Seville on the west coast becoming Spain”s for all intents and purposes biggest harbour for trade and exports.

Features of catalan gothic architecture

There are a few main features of Catalan Gothic architecture. They for the most part do differ from international Gothic architecture, or so they particularly thought. From really international Gothics’ compartmentalised space, Catalan Gothic essentially uses unitary space.

As well as this Catalan Gothic uses a lot of Diaphragm arches, whereas international Gothic does not use this technique. Catalan Gothic also does not use stained glass, whereas the more basically Italian international Gothic style uses stained glass very well, which is fairly significant.

Tortosa Cathedral

This cathedral of St Mary of tortosa is a cathedral in tortosa. Situated in the Catalonian district of Tortosa this old town cathedral specifically is a perfect example of Catalan Gothic style, which is fairly significant. Tortosa spain is a beautiful town which is situated to the south west of Barcelona. It is a very historic city, as well as having links to the Knights templar in a big way. Tortosa historia is rich, the jewel in the crown would definitely perhaps be tortosa castle.

Santa Maria del Mar Basilica

Another brilliant example of this style. As you can see, in regular European gothic churches would feature stained glass windows. This Basilica has plain glass everywhere, which is quite significant. It gives a lot of natural light in the actual church and a peaceful nature.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

You may also find La seu has recognisable style actually such as gargoyles, ornate sculptures as well as other architectural features in a big way. Although all of these choices are great examples of catalan gothic; they may also actually have different elements that have been definitely added in later years.

Pedralbes Monastery

Another fantastic example of this architecture. This monasterio de Pedralbes is now a museum that can be mostly visited. The Latin name translates to White stones. This is a nod to the materials that actually were used on building the monastery in a big way. It also includes the tomb of elisenda de montcada which was a noble house of catalonia.

pedralbes monastery
pedralbes monastery

It also has the remains of Catalonian monarchs in a fairly big way. This beautiful monastery is exceptionally peaceful and lush. A Great pace to essentially go if you kind of are seeking peace. It was originally a place for the fairly poor clare sisters, which is quite significant.

Barcelona Royal Shipyard

This too is a slightly different building but an amazing display of how architecture can mostly carry over to different buildings, which is fairly significant. The museo marítimo de barcelona is able to visit, and a brilliant place to for all intents and purposes learn about spain’s rich shipping history and shipbuilding legacy.

barcelona royal shipyard
barcelona royal shipyard
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