How to Describe Elven Architecture? 5 FACTS

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When we think about Elven architecture, we think of pure white rock, natural materials, flowing details and towering stores, pulling inspiration from the natural world around us, including fractal designs. If we reach from beyond the fantastical for a moment. We can take a step back and think. Where does our idea of elven architecture come from?How do we describe elven architecture?

paris metro station
paris metro station

Art nouveau architecture

The answer could be art nouveau,. This too takes the natural world and encapsulates it into its heart being the source of inspiration for the art and design. The undulating nature of art nouveau with its asymmetrical forms, gives the impression of a living, almost organic for. These are added to by the fact that the style uses vines, insect wing patterns and flowers to create this natural style.

art nouveau elven architecture
art nouveau elven architecture

Because elves are also people that appreciate nature, we can assume that people have associated the two. Art nouveau is also very modern, yet it looks timeless. At the time Lord of the rings and other books were being written about these themes, art nouveau was at its peak. So perhaps we can blame a wider cultural movement. 

What is elven architecture?

Now, if you don’t know anything about elven architecture. Probably the first thing we think of is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the rings. This was done by creating intricate miniatures, which look as detailed as the real thing. This is a brilliant first step into finding out about Elven architecture. Without further ado let’s find out more!

Elven Architecture Description

Because elves pride themselves on craftsmanship, we can assume that people would imagine their homes were designed to a high level of skill and sophistication. This being said, it would point to the highly detailed style of art nouveau to be a top choice. Because Elves also live a long time, their architecture would have to be long lasting and timeless. Which would also point to this art style. 

Elven Architecture Lord of the Rings

This is a great start point simply because it is featured so heavily in the movies. We can directly see art nouveau and natural forms influencing the Elven architecture in these movies. Art nouveau had a freedom to it, the only boundary being your imagination and skills at crafting. This too, gives freedom to build more onto it, and create this elven style. 

rivendell art print
rivendell art print

LOTR elven architecture is so beautiful. It is even so inspirational it inspired a song by Enya – lothlorien. So perhaps the freedom of this architecture, makes us feel free to create and imagine worlds. People have also gone on to create some great examples of elven architecture minecraft which is fun. And goes to show that the architecture is timeless. 

Rivendell Architecture

When it comes to architecture, and elvish architecture. People seem to identify most with Rivendell. This beautiful outpost encapsulates what readers and viewers love most about this style of architecture. It is thought that the idea for the town itself was based upon that of the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen that sits rather dramatically next to two towering cliffs. 

Some would even say Elven architecture that is not based around LOTR is more gothic in style, and darker. There are certainly many variations which makes it super interesting.

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